Caring for my hair theory extensions

How do I care for my MHT Hair Extensions?

Wash and care for your MHT Hair extensions, as you would your own hair. 

- Brush them. Gently, and never when wet.
- Wash them. With warm water, with shampoo and conditioner. Let them dry flat.
- Treat them. Like your own hair. Quality hair products and masks will go a long way. Try to keep heat styling to a minimum.

Will I need to go to a hairdresser?  
We have created three different lengths to minimise the need to have your extensions 'cut in'. However, If you would like to have your hair extensions professionally cut in, and coloured to perfectly match your hair, we recommend seeing a reputable hairdresser. 

Can I dye the extensions?
Our 100% Remy Human Hair extensions can be dyed to match your hair colour. They can be dyed darker, but not lighter. Do not bleach MHT extensions.

Can I use heat to style my hair extensions?
Hair can be heat styled, but as with your own hair, to help with longevity, minimal heat styling is recommended.